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"the app for online gamers"


Now available on iOS and Android


Playing together with your friends just got a lot easier with the inteams app


The inTeams app makes gaming together with your friends a lot easier. The app does this two ways. One, by enabling users to create game events that notifies all their friends on the app.  Two, the Steam & Discord support, which enables the user to see what their Steam & Discord friends are playing in realtime. 

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The concept

We’ve been hardcore gamers all our lives and have literally spent years of our lives playing games (WoW by itself took 2!). As time moved on, we were forced to act more like adults and actually work and do other things besides playing games. We and our friends came to a heartbreaking realization; we had to cut down on the gaming. Just the amount of games available is also making playing together harder. We’ve always preferred playing together with friends; therefore we set out with the goal to make this easier.

Result: the inTeams app, a super lightweight planner for game-events, notifications and the added bonus of Discord & Steam support. We are constantly looking to refine and improve the social gaming experience for all of our users. 

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About us

The inTeams app is owned by Amia AS, a Norwegian company founded by Gaute Aase, Vetle Mo and Martin Hebnes Pedersen. The idea and project started in 2014 when we first realized the need. After a soft launch of the app in early 2017 we realized we had to fully commit to the project to get it off the ground and it’s been our main focus ever since. We are currently looking to add more people to our ranks, drop us an email if you are interested in gaming and our concept.

For inquiries, media or feedback & suggestions use feedback@inteamsapp.com. For critique or spam please use vetle@amia.no (yw).  




Connecting your discord and inteams user lets you view from your phone which of your friends are online and what games they are playing right now!

Step 1 - invite the inTeams bot to your Discord server. Use the link provided under “Bot invite link”.

Step 2 - find the inTeams-BOT on your server and send a private message with the PIN-code you received inside the inTeams app. You will find the PIN-code inside the inTeams app: Go to settings -> Connect with Discord -> Step 2

Bot invite link
Click the link below or send the link to the Discord server owner/admin if you do not have sufficient permission yourself:

The inTeams bot will give the user ingame data from all the discord servers the inteams-bot and you, the user are on. 

NOTE: The inTeams bot will not gather information from Discord servers with more than 100 users. Tip: Discord stops showing offline members on the sidebar memberlist if there are more than 100 people on the server.

Server permissions
Ask the discord server-admin to invite the inteams-bot if you do not have sufficient permissions on the Discord server. The inteams-bot only monitors who is online and what game they are currently playing and forwards this information to the user. None of the information the bot gathers on the server is stored over long periods. Absolutely no information is shared with any third-party or made publicly available.